Why I Volunteer

by Karen Hinson, volunteer petition circulator, Town of Machias, Maine


I learned death was part of life at an early age. The doctors, nurses, and dentists in my family talked about blood and guts at the dinner table.

As a hospice volunteer I later learned of the terrible toll on those with terminal illness and on their family. I have never met anyone who says “I’d prefer a long, slow, degrading, painful death,” but I have met many who want to die at home. I do, too.

Karen Hinson

This is why I volunteer gathering signatures for the death with dignity citizen initiative. Will you join me to help ensure Mainers can die the way we want?

When I gather signatures for the petition in rural Maine, I see three kinds of people:

  1. those who look quickly and walk on by;
  2. those who ask for information and want to ponder it and discuss it with family; and
  3. those who bound right up, thank me for my work, and ask where to sign the petition.

The work is challenging but the reward is well worth it.

One thought on “Why I Volunteer

  1. I am for it. I have been with many people passing as A CNA. I have seen peaceful deaths and I witnessed one that was in excruciating pain, on morphine, and it wasn’t helping. It was just before Christmas, which made it even worse. I’m sure it was a relief to him, too. It is awful to watch and not be able to do anything.
    In Oregon, I believe they can have assisted death with dignity. It’s too bad it isn’t the normal way across the USA.

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