About Us

It’s My Death (IMD) was founded in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) with the mission of breaking societal taboos and stigma around death and dying.  It’s My Death completed a name-change transition to Maine Death with Dignity in September 2019.  A major part of IMD’s programming was (and still is) providing fact-based information regarding death with dignity laws, or medical aid in dying, in the United States.

IMD advocated for and worked towards passage of LD 1270 (2015), LD 347 (2017), and ultimately, LD 1313 (2019) by educating in Maine to grow, strengthen, and empower grassroots support for these bills.

Our goal as Maine Death with Dignity is to continue the mission of engaging the public to increase awareness of any topic related to death and dying (including using the words “death” and “dying” and avoiding euphemisms like “passed” or “passing.”).

[More to follow]