Dear Maine

I feel such gratitude for the out-pouring of support here in Maine. Many lawmakers, physicians, nurses, clergy, and citizens recognize the need for a Death with Dignity law in our state.

In 2015, LD 1270 passed the House but failed in the Senate by a single vote. Recently, it was excruciatingly painful to watch LD 347 go down in flames, even after so much heartfelt testimony at the public hearing.  Testimony that was hugely in favor of the bill’s passage. The most difficult part of all of that was witnessing first hand how many lawmakers simply failed to support the will of the people of Maine, choosing instead to vote their own agenda.

It’s time to send a clear message to Augusta. The people want to be heard. In fact, we expect to be heard.

Our dying deserves respect and autonomy. Dying is a private journey, the culmination of a human life independently lived.  It isn’t up to any person or organization to determine how that should go for the rest of us.

Dirigo. Stay tuned.