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Thank you for your interest in joining Maine Death with Dignity’s campaign to put an assisted dying law before the voters on the ballot. There are many things you can do to help.

Learn the Issue

Read all about death with dignity as an end-of-life option and as legislation at Death with Dignity National Center’s website.

Most importantly, read the full text of the petition or download it as PDF for sharing or printing.

Sign the Petition

If you’ve signed the petition on Election Day, November 6, 2018, thank you! If you have not signed yet and would like to, learn more.

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Join our email list for infrequent but important updates about the campaign. Keep informed about what’s happening, where/when you can sign the petition, and more.

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Volunteers help the campaign in many ways, from circulating petitions (gathering signatures) to entering data to various administrative tasks.

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Make a financial contribution to support the campaign.


Host a House Party

Please contact us if you’d like to host a house party to benefit the campaign.

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