Individual consultations for holistic support can bring more oppportunity for meaning-making during one’s journey with life, grief, loss, illness, dis-ease, and ultimate death. Here is what people have to say about our holisitic approach:

Navigating a terminal illness is about trying to find a physical, psychological, and emotional balance as one prepares for death. Val’s homeopathic skills are playing an essential role in my process. Her vast knowledge and deep intuition allow me to focus on whatever is asking to be heard within my being. Her remedies helped me clear lingering trauma, strengthen my intentions, quiet my digestion, and increase my sense of wellbeing. What I like most about Val’s healing is that she guides me to the source of distress, and then I interpret it using my self-knowledge, as opposed to being told what and where the problem is. Our process together is respectful, safe, and effective. Val’s loving heart and genuine spirit creates a strong healing connection during every session.

If you are interested in exploring this potential, please contact us.