Individual Consult

Considering holistic support during your end-of-life journey is an important decision. It isn’t always easy work, diving into the corners of your life to see what you can find there, hidden too-long in the shadows of all the ways life has lived itself through you.

Certainly, you’ll begin with far more questions than answers.

What will it be like?

Where should I even start (I have NO idea where to start!)?

What will I (*gulp*) discover?

What if [fill in the blank]?

− OMG. WHAT IF [really, fill in the blank]?

Val Lovelace (founder and executive director) is a holistice provider who offers individual consultation through Maine Death with Dignity as a part of her end-of-life advocacy work. Learn morea bout her practice, Second Wind Holistic Care.

She works with terminally ill people to facilitate an integrated and compassionate approach to restoring wholeness as they navigate all that accompanies their dying process.

Truly, we are all dying.

You are encouraged to become the owner of your own journey through dying as consciously as possible.  While it may feel challenging, the rewards are many.

There is much to discover through awareness and surrender.

Core Values and Guiding Principles:

  • Providing a valuable, professional service
  • Integrity, authenticity, and impeccability
  • Compassion and unconditional acceptance
  • Respect for privacy and dignity
  • Community involvement and giving back
  • Helping people in Maine with compassion and understanding

Important Note:

Please do not forego holistic support because you believe you cannot fit it into your budget.  Contact us to discuss non-profit options.